EMERGE/NEXT is designed for the next generation of leaders in creativity, technology, and business. We inspire, educate and connect emerging leaders through online and digital experiences to help students discover careers and support their ambitions.


Determining a career path can be challenging for students and pursuing nontraditional career paths is even more daunting. Nontraditional career paths can be unpredictable and ever-evolving, yet rewarding and meaningful with a potential for high earnings. Students who are on this career path are often passionate, thoughtful and have a thirst for knowledge.


EMERGE/NEXT connects our audience with today's leaders to learn from their stories and create meaningful connections. We provide resources to close the gap between their ideas and reaching their goals.

For more than ten years, our team has curated experiential learning experiences which open the door of opportunity such as conferences, interactive workshops, paid internships, career and educational resources and networking events.

We inspire, educate and and celebrate the visions of our audience. Through our enriching experiences, attendees gain access to unparalleled opportunities from meeting they admire to securing job opportunities.


We are a social enterprise company, which provides us with agility. Our approach enables us to work seamlessly with constituents: students, education institutions, community building organizations and corporations.

Our team ideates and produces dynamic experiences, which serve as a catalyst for our audience. We advise corporations and nonprofits on solutions to diversity, education and employment challenges within our selected industries of creativity, technology and business.

TO LEARN MORE OR PARTNER WITH US, PLEASE EMAIL US AT: hello@emergenextleaders.com.